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    Orion Maps extremely slow after 10.6 Upgrade


      Good Day Everyone


      We seem to be experiencing extremely slow rendering of maps on Orion since we upgraded.

      We used to have slow rendering time already before at about 20 seconds but it seems like it is taking 60 to 90 seconds after the upgrade.


      When using the search button and opening devices loads between 2 - 10 seconds which is acceptable which lets me think that the DB server side should not be a problem.


      We have 4x Polling Engines which is split for about 10 000 elements.(one is the core)

      Each polling engine is Virtual with 8x 3.2 Ghz CPU and 16GB RAM.

      The DB server is 16x 3.6Ghz Cores with 96GB Ram and 8x SSD in a RAID10 Configuration


      The Upgrade then, we upgraded to NPM10.6.1, NCM7.2.2, VNQM4.1, NTA4.0.0 and we also introduced SAM6.0.2 into our environment.

      So far I have only added IIS on my core, windows services and counters on all servers and AppInsight for SQL on my DB.

      to give you an idea I get about 350 Critical Errors and 300 Warnings in a day about various values.


      The first thing I notices was that the database tables was fragmented, I then went through the knowledgeable and enabled auto fragmentation on the Orion Database.

      Seems a bit better after a weekend but still very much fragmented, not sure what else to look at in this department.


      I then also searched the forums regarding the slow maps rendering and found that if the antivirus clients uses real time scanning that the inetpub Solarwinds folders should be excluded.

      I then arranged for the folders to be excluded and sure the performances seems to go down from 90 seconds rendering to about 60 seconds, which is still not really an acceptable rendering time.


      I was hoping somebody could perhaps give me some obvious tips of what to have a look at in resolving many of the problems I am currently experiencing.