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    DameWare MRC 10: client service timeout when permission requested




      I've just upgraded from old v6.0 to the latest 10.0.


      Everything's fine but when I'm connecting to a remote computer with 'Request permission' set, the client service is correctly installed, started, but while waiting for remote user's accept, the connection is closed due to timeout with the 10060 error (see attached picture).


      The PC operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bits, but same behavior is reported with the 32 bits version and it doesn't matter if the remote PC is a 32 or a 64 bits machine.


      Please note that everything works fine if I don't set the 'Permission required' parameter.


      I've already looked at the KB article Troubleshooting Winsock 10060 Errors, but without finding a solution.


      Does anyone already face the same issue?

      Could someone help me?


      Thank you very much.


      Kind regards