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    Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly Device Percentage Availability report


      I remember reading various posts dating back a few years and still have not found a way to produce the report I need.


      I need to produce a daily, weekly and monthly report (for now) which details:


      This is a sample report of 1 device going down multiple times throughout the day... 


      Node NameDown EventUp EventDown Time Each OccuranceTotal Down Time (Last 24Hrs)Percent Uptime (last 24HrsAvailable Percentage
      1/22/2014 12:061/22/2014 12:090:03:00
      1/22/2014 14:161/22/2014 15:351:19:12
      1/22/2014 18:471/22/2014 18:500:03:081:25:2022:34:4094.06365741


      Then we should be able to schedule this report to be emailed daily, listing all of the devices with up/down events along with total down time and percent availability.


      Having these reports we should be able to produce weekly and monthly reports showing:

      TOP n devices with least availability percentage.

      TOP n devices showing most problems (up/down) events.


      This will not only help management see the available time, but also help engineers to see patterns and or pinpoint root cause of repetitive issues


      Where is Solarwinds in regards to generating charts within the reports? 


      Management wants to see details in 2.5 seconds....    (Charts)


      If the data is already in the server, I don't understand why we can't do this...



      There might be a solution already out there which I'm just not aware of... 


      Please point me in the right direction.