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    Unable to set IP status to available on secondary DHCP server


      IPAM v4 supports multiple DHCP servers and split scopes - Excellent!

      However, IPAM does not support setting reservations and changing status on multiple DHCP servers (whether individually or simultaneously)




      We have two DHCP servers in a domain that share the same scopes (the same IP address exists on both DHCP servers).

      Currently in IPAM when we reserve an IP address, we have to reserve it on DHCP1 and DHCP2 individually. This is not optimal because you have to remember to toggle DHCP server and reserve the same IP on the second DHCP server as well.

      This becomes complicated if you are editing the IP to include Alias, Host Name, MAC Address etc. You need to type these in AGAIN on the second DHCP server. If you misspell anything you'd ruin everything!


      One could argue that you need  to adjust and learn to do things twice in IPAM. What can't be argued, though, is the inability to set the status back to available.

      This issue comes up when you set the IP address status back to available (and this still, can only be done on one server at a time), the status of that IP is visually set to available on BOTH DHCP servers when in fact, it is only set back to available on one of the DHCP servers.

      What makes this difficult is that the IP status LED is now green on both DHCP1 and DHCP2. Logging in to DHCP and using DHCP Management confirms that the IP Address reserved on DHCP2 is still reserved!


      If it won't ever be possible to set reservations of an IP address on multiple DHCP server simultaneously, could you at least make it possible to remove that reservation on multiple DHCP server, simultaneously?


      Thanks for reading.