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    NPM running 10.3, doesn't recognize new updates


      So, I am an infrastructure guy, never touched a server, and am extremely new to Orion products - but willing to learn.


      Problem:  My server isn't recognizing new product updates.


      I noticed that NPM is on 10.6 now; however we are running 10.3.  Attached are print screens of the pages.  Our firewall is extremely locked down.


      So my question:

      Do you have to buy the new license for the new updates?


      Would NPM require a firewall exemption to receive updates?  If so, what ports are used and where does it go?

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          All this does is let you know that updates are available on your customer portal -- if your firewall is locked down i would suggest disabling this and manually checking your customer portal for the updates.


          there is no automatic update feature that runs on the server (AFAIK): you have to download the updates from the customerportal (I take them down to my desktop), and then transfer them to the server (through whatever firewall/software deployment process you have)

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              But as you can see from the attached photos (sorry, I couldn't embed due to IE security requirements from SA) it says it's up to date.  I manually checked and saw 10.6.  I agree that is a work-around, but if Solarwinds is offering a feature to update me on products within their software, wouldn't it be good to utilize it?  I guess I will check to see if this false positive has been corrected with a "Unable to contact server" statement of some sort, and if not I should suggest it for a future release.


              I guess I just have an expectation of clean programming within software.  If the server doesn't know if it is up to date, it shouldn't state that it is up to date.


              Anyway, thanks for your reply!