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    The joys of Adobe Reader XI


      I know this is not a product from SolarWinds, but thought I might have a good audience of like minded individuals here who may have had a similar issue.


      Adobe Reader XI has some interesting security settings. The most annoying is if you have a link to another file in the PDF, even though it is on the same network it asks you to allow or disallow security if you trust the site, this is fine as I can understand the need for security, however when it is to another file on the same server it is pointing to how can you stop this from coming up. The forums on the Adobe site are shockily bad and have no resolution for what I would think would be happening more wide spread.


      So what I ask of you wonderful people out there is what settings would I have to do to get the message not to come up, it talks about the trusted sites area of IE settings which I have looked into and tried a variety of different ideas, but I must be missing a fundamental point as none have worked so far, any help much appreciated.