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    Notification issues with Alert Central


      Not sure if these are known bugs or if perhaps I'm just doing something wrong.


      Alert Central version -


      • When receiving an alert from the Orion source the following happens:

      - Initial notification works as normal & is received (myemail@myemail.com)

      - Do not acknowledge alert so that it will escalate (testing)

      - Alert is assigned to designated individual (me, again for testing)

      - Second notification fails every time (same address as initial notification), shows "Error attempting to notify Alert Central at myemail@myemail.com"


      Is anyone else noticing this?


      • I have also not been able to find a way to get it to notify at my secondary notification method. I have it set to "Wait 1 minute and then notify me at mobilenumber@secondaryaddress.com", but I never receive any notification here. I have swapped the primary/secondary addresses to be sure it wasn't the address I'm using and confirmed it is not. I always ONLY receive notifications to the primary notification address, never the secondary. Both addresses show "verified".


      • I'm finding that the only time I receive notifications to my secondary address (mobile number) is when an alert is no longer active. I've been testing all morning and so far the only SMS messages I've received have been "Orion: alert is no longer active".


      I really wanted to present this to our organization as a viable solution but, needless to say, I absolutely must get notifications working properly before doing so. Please help!


      Thanks :]