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    WPM - Alert Suppression


      Hi all,


      Just a quick query regarding suppressing an alert for a WPM transaction monitor. For the life of me I can't figure this one out!


      To give a brief summary, I have setup a transaction to monitor the functionality of one of our proxy servers. It basically just connects to google.com and verifies proxy connectivity.


      Around 3-4 times a week, will get an alert to say the transaction is down. And then 2 minutes later, after it has been checked by the system, we get an alert reset message.


      So I decided I should try and suppress the alert and configure it in a way so that unless the transaction was down for a minimum of 10 minutes, no alert was generated.


      I thought I'd just add a 10 minute delay under the email message settings, and that when the email tries to send, it would notice the transaction is no longer in a down state and cancel the alert operation. This obviously isn't the case and in turn my colleagues first received the reset alert that the transaction was now up, and a number of minutes later they received the original 'DOWN' alert!


      Just wondering if anyone knows what the best configuration would be for this under the 'Alert Suppression' tab?