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    Different colour backgrounds on notes


      Can some one please tell me firstly is there a reason why certain notes from different people in tickets are different colours. Can the individual tech choose there colour or is it to do with the ticket itself like it is on hold when the note is added, hopefully should be a simple answer, but I can not find out why.

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          From my experience, here's what the colors mean:


          • Yellow: client note
          • Blue: tech note
          • Green: tech note marked as solution
          • Gray: tech note hidden from client
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            The notes are different color to indicate where the note came from,


            Yellow = written by a tech,

            Blue = Written by a user,

            Green = Tech marked that note as a "solution" to a ticket.

            Gray = A hidden note written by a tech


            As for the tech labels (the techs name is a color) such as in the search or group tickets pages this is just to be a quick identifier to the tech assigned, in a larger corporation it could be used say only for manager or team leads to see what tickets are escalated to them however it is just a visual cue nothing else. To set this to Setup --> Techs --> Techs --> click a tech --> click the edit pencil --> go to color and select --> save.


            You can also color code request types, Setup --> Tickets --> Request Types --> Color --> Save

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