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    Upgrading to 10.6.1


      I'm currently running 10.4.0 on Windows 2003 Server. I have two new VM servers, windows 2012 STD edition.

      Can I, should I just install the latest and greatest and let config wizard get my system up again? SQL in seperate from NPM.

      I know about /reports and also have Netflow to upgrade, VNQM too. I do know I'll need to do some license manager work.

      My plan is to load all the software, stop my running Orion, change the IPs on my new systems to match the old (additional Poller engine too), bring them up and see if config wizard will function and get me close to running.


      Think it'll work? I've NEVER had a good experience upgrading this software and don't expect this to be much better but I'm hoping.