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    API custom poller assignment


      Does the API allow for an existing custom poller to be assigned to a node?


      I am using SWIS via C# and have a method that does the addition of generic pollers:


      private String AddPoller(Int32 InterfaceID, String Type, String Poller)
                  return this.swis.Create("Orion.Pollers", new PropertyBag
                                                                {"NetObject", Type + ":" + InterfaceID.ToString()},
                                                                {"NetObjectType", Type},
                                                                {"NetObjectID", InterfaceID.ToString()},
                                                                {"PollerType", Poller}


      And I use it like:

      string pollassignedID = this.AddPoller(nodeid, "N", "N.Details.SNMP.Generic")


      Maybe there is a .Create method that takes "Orion.CustomerPollers"  with a different set expected properties passed?


      Thanks for the help!