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    Any way to increase Discovery Timeout past 600 minutes?


      Without going into the details of why (lets just say years of poor documentation, change control, management, etc) I have a need to be able to fully scan /16 networks as we have ended up with a lot of devices just plugged in and thrown an IP address without any care. As NPM is already populated with devices from valid subnets I'd like to be able to run a full scan of for example in order to pick up any incorrectly configured devices or devices that have been put on that network without informing us. Which sadly happens quite a lot.


      As we have 110 networks all assigned a /16 I would prefer to have a smaller number of longer running discoveries with multiple networks assigned (as these scans would only be ran monthly) rather than manually having to create 110 discoveries and hoping they manage to complete within the time frame.


      Is there any way to tweak the timeout outside of the web console? Would be great if there was a check box saying "Run until Completed" but alas there is not...

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          Certainly not advised, but you could manually edit the timeout in the DB if you look at Dbo.DiscoveryProfiles and the column -[JobTimeout]

          With such large discovery ranges, you increase the risk of causing Out-Of-Memory errors running the jobs. It would really be best to split them up.

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            Scanning a /16 is REALLY not advised.  Doing so requires 65,000 devices to either respond or time out.

            If most of those /16s are not densely populated then your discovery is going to be waiting for a whole bunch of multi-second timeouts before it can move to the next IP to scan.


            If you have the IPAM module then I'd suggest putting all your subnets into there as /24s and letting it tell you which /24s to go scan later.

            IPAM allows you to bulk import subnets so it is much easier to create all those lists of networks with a little notepad copy/paste/replace magic.