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    How can I show the real size of the files transferred in a FTP-Voyager Scheduler Notifications?


      Hi community!,


           I post this question due to I didn't find a answer for this issue. I have configured some tasks that send some files to different servers in FTP-Voyager Scheduler. The task perform some actions programmed for example "upload files" that send the respective notification. The notification from every action in the task have system variables to show specific information eg: Name: $LocalFileName, Date: $Date, Time: $Time and Size in Bytes: $TransferBytes. But the last one doesn't work like I want. I want to show the original size from each file transfered, but this variable shows other sizes from the second file transfered. This make me think that the variable $TransferBytes  count the Bytes transferred from the first to the last and accumulate the bytes of all the file transferred.


      I have two questions about it:


      1.- ¿There is a variable to show the exact size for each file transferred in a FTP Voyager-Scheduler notification? or,
      2.- ¿How can I show the real size for each file transferred in a FTP-Voyager Scheduler notification?


      Thank you so much for your valuable help!!!!!


      I hope that you can help me.