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    Setting Up NPA,NTA and SAM


      hi guys


      how are you all, i got to setup an NPA NTA and SAM, this is my first time to work with solarwind and i just have a few questions.


      1. If i will installing the 3 module of Solarwind NPA, NTA and SAM, how may physical server do i need for Orion(NPA,NTA and SAM) and database server?

      2. shall i have 3 server for each module? and 1 Database server for the 3 module? if this is the case shall i have a single pane of GUI to manage all 3 module?

      3. i short what would be the recommendation , shall i install all 3 module ( NPM, NTA and SAM on a single server(physical) and 1 database server(physical) ( but the 3 module have different database)


      thanks hopefully some one will assist me on this, thanks



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          Hello Sigm,


          You can have all 3 application (NPM SAM and NTA) on one server. You would also have an SQL server that would house the database for the NPM and SAM.


          NTA has recently changed, the flow data is no longer stored in the NPM and SAM database, it is now stored onto it's own database (not sql).


          There are a few different scenario's for this and it is chiefly dependant on the amount of flow data you are collecting. You could house the NTA storage on the

          application server or if you feel you have enough devices sending through flow data then you may opt for a 3rd server to act as the NTA storage server.

          A very hand NTA 4 FAQ can be found here: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: NTA 4.0 Installation: Frequently Asked Questions


          As a very general guide:


          1) Setup the SQL server (Taking note of the raid recomendations)

          2) Setup your application server.

          3) Install NPM on the application server and the install procedure will guide through connecting to the database server)

          4) Install SAM on the application server and connect to the same database (typically the database calls itself netperfmon)

          5) Setup the NTA storage space (One the server you have decided it is going on)

          6) Install NTA on the application server and point that to the NTA storage


          After that, the fun really starts setting up the kit you want to monitor so it can be monitored !

          (SNMP Community strings, collecting and pointing flow data, VM Settings, AD settings etc etc!)


          I would also suggest having a look at the following :

          Orion Network Performance Monitor Documentation

          SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor Documentation

          SolarWinds Orion Module Documentation


          Not all of it at this time, but they are handy reference's and the Administrator guides for each are good

          There is also a ton of video's (Some funny too ) Videos Resources – SolarWinds


          And on the main www.solarwinds.com website if you click on "Support and Maintenance" you will see lots of good area's to have a look through

          and if you need to submit a support ticket for help you can do that there also (Support is good )


          Hope that helps