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    8-hour time difference of uploaded files between server time and local time


      Software: Serv-U14.0.1.0 and above:

      1. On the client machine with Windows7, the time and region of the client machine is as correct as that on the server machine, and the user login via FTP protocol in Windows Explorer, as below:

      The local time of uploading file is 15:28. However, when I sort all files in Details View in Windows Explorer, I can see the time of Modification Date, Creation Date and Access Date are all 23:28, and there is 8 hour time difference from the actual time.

      2. In Windows Explorer on the client machine, when I right click on the uploaded file and select Property, the Modification Time of the file is 15:28, which is correct local time.

      3.In my test on client machine with Windows XP, if I login and upload files to the server via FTP, the time of the files are correct. If I test via HTTP protocol, the time is also OK.