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    UDT not linking ports to Users


      Hello again!


      Have an issue with UDT. Its installed and setup, ports are monitored, AD DC's added. I can see user logins etc etc.


      What i cant see is any port information for Users or devices in search, its just blank. Weirdly its ok for switches/users on the same subnet as my Orion server is on but nowhere else.


      The only thing i am wondering is i am not monitoring the vlan interfaces in UDT on my layer 2 switches to save licenses (interface vlan 99 for example which is the one with the switch management IP on it). Do i need to be monitoring this virtual interface in UDT to get IP/User/Device information for ports?


      Or do i have another issue?


      Thanks in advance!!

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          I believe you are actually right in the cause of your issue. So I wonder - haven't you tried an experiment - to add a vlan interface under monitored ones, to see if it doesn't improve the visibility of the desired information?


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            I had this problem when I had a flat network (all devices in a single vlan). Only ststic IP addresses were reported with MAC and hostname.


            I was using DELL PowerConnect switches and I raised a ticket with both DELL and Solarwinds.


            Solarwinds support said it was because UDT was not getting the information from the switches and I should raise a ticket with DELL.


            DELL support confirmed this by saying that since I had no layer 3 function on my network, the switch ARP tables did not have any entries to report.


            When I introduced layer 3 functionality on my network, the UDT charts started to populate with more entries.


            I am not able to see users logged on either. Reading the replies above I have checked that the VLANs are being monitored. Where do you view the users that are logged into the port?


            NPM only lists 2 of the 8 vlans configured on the switch - can this be a possible reason?