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    Single Email Cause Two Identical Alerts


      I have an odd issue that I am trying to resolve that I cannot figure out.  We are using the ticketing system Jira for tracking issues.  We have setup functionality in Jira to generate an email when a critical ticket is created.  The email is sent to Alert Central, which then handles the notification and escalation.  So far, so good.  The problem is occasionally, two identical alerts are generated in Alert Central.  They have exactly the same data/attributes, and have a creation time of exactly the same.  I made changes to the Jira system so that I get CC'd on the emails to Alert Central, so I can verify that there is only one email that is sent.  This does not happen all the time, but does happen frequently.  When I test the system, by manually sending a replica of the email, only one alert is generated.  The matching rule for the alert is set to match on the email Subject line, and routing is based on contents of the email with several options plus a default.  The duplicated alerts happen regardless of if it routes to a specific group or the default group.  I am unclear how to troubleshoot this.  Has anyone else seen this behavior or are there any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

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          any ideas on this?  I really need to find out why Alert Central is generating the duplicate alerts.

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              Very interesting issue, but we need more info to figure out why it occurring.

              What email server do you use?

              Please extend logging how it described below and after two identical alerts are generated bundle logs(Instructions for collecting Alert Central Logs), and attach it here.

              Also attach the original email from Jira that caused the duplication if it possible.


              FYI: To ensure that Jira don't generate two email you might want to in you email client create rule that copy all messages from Inbox folder to additional folder. 


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              How to extend logging

              Can you append this lines to your logger:

                <logger name="com.solarwinds.oncall.email.EmailPollerImpl" level="TRACE" />

                <logger name="com.solarwinds.oncall.workflow.WorkflowControllerImpl" level="TRACE" />

                <logger name="com.solarwinds.oncall.email.parser.MessageParserEngineImpl" level="TRACE" />


              login into appliance (with admin/admin credentials; SolarWings Management tab > Edit Settings > logback-config.xml)


              Than restart application.