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      Hi Thwack Master,    

      Please help me to understand CBQOS are for what and also Netflow? As on my own understanding CBQOS for WAN point to point links and NETFLOW is for Ingress and Egress monitoring?. Please help me. Thank you very much

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          NetFlow is the protocol that a router uses to export information about traffic that moves through it. The CBQoS views and reports in NTA are a particular view of that NetFlow export data that shows you information about the QoS classes that were used to prioritize traffic on that device.

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              Hi sir Jswan. Thank you for that sir. I see, so thats why NetFlow should run with CBQOS is that right? if CBQOS are not present what will happen? Thank you very much.

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                  CBQoS data is polled separately in NTA via SNMP and is not contained within the exported flows from your source device. For convenience and to give you an overall picture of bandwidth usage and prioritization, CBQoS data and Netflow data are combined into the same views under NTA


                  If CBQoS data is not present, then you will not have info on your QoS policies to understand how traffic is being shaped/prioritized.


                  If you do not use QoS then you can ignore CBQoS altogether and remove any CBQoS resources from your NTA views.

                  If you do use QoS on Cisco Devices, then NTA will detect this automatically by polling particular OIDs via SNMP and the data will then be available automatically.