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    What is embedded database (FrontBase4)?


      Hello All,


      Note : I am not the original Admin who created the WHD database on this server..


      I ran into a bit of an issue this morning with WHD.  At first I was receiving the following message;

      An update to the help desk is in progress.

      Please come back in a few minutes.

      After a few searches, I was able to access localhost from the main server and the default database selection was SQL Server 2005+ and with default credentials whd/whd, but each time I hit save it said connection confused.  I went ahead and opened the SQL Configuration and reset the whd password again to whd and tried again.  All worked, so after the service restart WHD worked, but it did some updates and the database seemed to be a fresh new database.  My prior tickets were not located and all the settings were back to default... At first thought, this was probably the wrong database.

      I then went back into the settings, and this time decided to go with the FrontBase database, I located the whd.fb file in the program directory and the size of the file is 142,914KB.  I figure this must be the correct database.  At first I tried to select Frontbase database and deselected the "embedded database" box but each time I tried to save the settings, it kept telling me, "connection refused".  I went ahead and used the embedded database check box, and this time the settings saved successfully.

      I restarted the service, and was able to login with my usual admin credentials.  Unfortunately, it seems like all of my 2013 tickets are missing the only ticket I see is one from 2012.

      Please help, I am at a loss as to what happened and how this even happened and where the tickets would be located, or which database is the correct one for that matter?