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    Unassigned Tech Ticket Pool


      Hi everyone. New member, first post, so please don't flame


      Have performed a search for this information to see if it's anywhere else but can't find it. Basically the setup I'm trying to arrange in WHD is to allow clients to submit email tickets but for them to remain unassociated with a specific tech until a tech manually adds themselves to it. I have the email and ticket generating system going in and out working fine. The problem I have is that when a ticket comes in it gets assigned to a specific request type (Email > Incoming > Request Type). It will not let me save the settings without a request type selected, and the request types I have created will not let me save them without a lead tech.


      This is where the problem comes from. Emails get put in to WHD as tickets, this ticket has to have a request type, which has a lead tech, and this lead tech gets assigned the ticket. I just want to make submitted tickets unassigned until a tech from the pool of techs that work on incoming enquiries picks it up.


      I hope this makes sense and that I actually listed this query in the correct location.