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    Universal Device Pollers UPS


      I wondered if you could help me with writing a report in writer to display UPS battery status - I which it tells me when the battery in down etc.

      Sorry to be vague but I'm not entirely sure what I want.


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          Steven Klassen

          We can surely help with that. What columns did you have in mind? Have you looked at the Universal Device Poller yet? I believe there are UPS pollers in there by default that you can apply to your UPS devices.


          Steven "MrXinu" Klassen

          Hosted Web Help Desk Engineer | Loop1 Systems, Inc.

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              Hi Steven,

              Sorry for such a late reply.

              I haven't looked at it properly, I am not sure exactly how everything work yet. I have been focusing on getting everything updated and got completely side tracked from this situation.

              I honestly dont know what columns I want, maybe I was just looking for a suggestion.