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    Viewing more than Top XX statistics


      I am new to Netflow Traffic Analyzer and I would like to know if I can view more than the Top XX statistics in the different categories.  From what I've been able to look at and drill down, it seems that all information and even the base reports are all related to the Top XX info.  Essentially, I would like to see all Netflow traffic from a specific node even beyond the Top XX info.  Every time I attempt to drill down to a node, all information is presented in a Top XX format.

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          You can't get more than the top XX flows in any current version. However, you can increase the top XX to a maximum of 100 by clicking the Edit button on the appropriate flow resource.

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            NTA is optimized to only gather the top 95% of Neflow traffic coming from any source so you will not be able to see "All" traffic.  You can change this setting in the NTA Setting under this section:





            As mentioned above you can also edit the "Top XX" view resource and change the XX value to list more if you choose.

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