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    UDT Searches not returning any results


      Good Day All,


      I have a problem with my UDT v3.0.1 searches are not returning any results when a MAC address search is done.


      If I search for a MAC address that is displayed under the Network tab of a node, UDT returns no results.


      This is weird as UDT displays the hostname, IP Address and MAC address of the device connected to the interface on the node, but the search doesn't.




      Node Details Summary - observe port 14


      Hostname: ppwks0741

      IP address:

      MAC address 18:03:73:15:CA:DA


      Doing a Device Tracker Ad-hoc Reporting search for a MAC address of 18:03:73:15:CA:DA returns nothing





      However if I search for the IP address several results are returned:




      The results do not seem entirely accurate. The correct hostname is resolved, bit not the correct node as the IP addresses is shown connected to several switches, when in fact it is only connected to the switch named Admin1_3.


      Any suggestions?