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    Solarwinds Agent : reading Nessus Report




      I'm trying to configure Nessus connector on a Windows 7 PC running the Solarwinds Agent.

      In the connector (Nessus Report) configuration, I put the name of the directory (default value) containing Nessus reports (exported from nessus using the .nessus



      I received the following error in the spoplog file.


      (lun. déc. 30 11:03:53 CET 2013) EE:ERR [BufferedReader v25760] {NessusReport-Nessus Report:155} EXCEPTION: java.lang.NullPointerException

        at com.trigeo.puma.util.BufferedLogFile.doneReading(BufferedLogFile.java:240)

        at com.trigeo.puma.util.BufferedLogFile.readBlock(BufferedLogFile.java:747)

        at com.trigeo.puma.util.BufferedLogFile.arrayReadLine(BufferedLogFile.java:570)

        at com.trigeo.puma.util.AccumulatorLogFile.readLine(AccumulatorLogFile.java:131)

        at com.trigeo.puma.util.NessusReportLogFile.readLine(NessusReportLogFile.java:125)

        at com.trigeo.puma.tools.fast.readers.BufferedReader.run(BufferedReader.java:307)

        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


      What's the problem ??





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          Are you running the 5.7 Agent?


          If so, there is an Agent Hotfix.  From the readme of the hotfix:


          SolarWinds Log & Event Agent Hotfix_570_1


          The SolarWinds Log & Event Manager 5.7.0 Hotfix 1 resolves issues in this area:

          • LEM agent - Patches that were too late to make it into the 5.7.0 release proper.


          Agent Issue Resolved


          • This resolves support case 535995 - Unable to start/stop connector instances

            - This only needs to be done if using the "Log4Net" connector

          • This resolves support case 268630 - Unable to report Nessus related events

            - This only needs to be done if using the "Nessus Security Scanner NBE Report" connector


          You might want to try deploying Agent Hotfix_570_1 on the machines running the Nessus Connector and see if that resolves the issue.  The Hotfix is available through the Customer Portal.

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              First, thanks for your help.

              In fact, I'm running the 5.7 agent version.

              The connector generating the error is the 'Nessus Report' not the 'Nessus Security Scanner NBE report' (I tried both).

              The connector Nessus Security Scanner NBE report seems to be running (Green color) but how can I see if the Nessus reports are parsed correctly ??

              I would like to generate event for Critical and High severity level (Nessus risk level).

              I'm currently evaluating LEM so I don't have any access to Customer Portal...