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    Catalyst 3850 Flow Export to NTA Impossible?


      Catalyst 3850s only support NetFlow v9 export. Per this doc, SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Required flow template fields there are 9 fields that have to be in my V9 template to be accepted by NTA. Unfortunately, I see no way of providing INPUT_SNMP or OUTPUT_SNMP to NTA for processing. Through the "match interface input" and "match interface output" commands I can give NTA the input and output interfaces, but I don't see an option for exporting the SNMP index of these interfaces. Here is the latest 3850 Flexible NetFlow command reference - Flexible NetFlow Command Reference, Cisco IOS XE Release 3SE (Catalyst 3850 Switches) - Flexible NetFlow Commands  [Cisc…


      I was also wondering about the previously mentioned SolarWinds KB article, it states that it needs the "Layer 4 Protocol" for field type PROTOCOL. I see no way of providing this either, I can provide the L3 protocol via "match ipv4 protocol". Is this a typo or do I actually need to feed NTA the layer 4 protocol, tcp/udp?


      Anyway, I'd love someone to tell me that I'm wrong, but it looks to me that I cannot get NetFlow from my 3850 stack at this point.