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    version 16 with Solarwinds... skin or re-write?


      I am a long time licensed user of FTP Voyager.  Started many years ago with version 8 thru 15.

      Just before the transition to Solarwinds, 16 arrived and I found that there were several problems.  Freezes, a dragged file

      copied the whole folder, some weird goings on just to name a few...  I contacted Rhinosoft and never figured out whether the issues were
      with Windows XP only.  I had a lengthy tech support back-n-forth with no resolution but was told that Solarwinds had bought out Rhinosoft and

      to watch for changes over the year.  Well after a year or so, no change.  Now however there seems to be a newer release or

      is this a re-skin of the same version as before?  I am wondering what has changed or been addressed in the latest release or if its the same.


      I don't want to compromise my installed 15 version and my question about 16s stability is to try to avoid testing the new one at the expense of the

      original setup.


      My conversations on the early release matters of version 16 was with Thomas Parikka.


      Thanks for any information on what's new in the latest version or know issues.


      Paul Borisoff



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          Peter Krutý

          Hi Paul,

          last version of FTP Voyager was mostly focused on improving stability of the tool. We made a it a free product and as such we wanted to give it a good spin. We are still actively tracking all reported issues and feature requests for FTP Voyager, so if you have any feel free to create feature requests in Serv-U FTP Server & MFT Server ideation space.


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              Thanks, Peter.


              I worked with Thomas Parikka of Rhinosoft.


              I had lots of problems with the version 16.  When dragging 1 file to a new location on the server, the whole bunch came with it.

              And it seemed to stall at times.  Versions 15 and below have been very intuitive but many things about 16 were "tricky".  Guess I should give it a go again.  Thanks.

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                  Peter Krutý

                  I know Thomas of course, he is still working with Serv-U and one of our most experienced guys!


                  What do you mean by "bunch"? Whole folder where file is located or something else? Please ideally let me know steps how to reproduce this, so I can pass this to our QA.



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                      dragging one file to another folder on the same server often brings other files in the same folder that were not tagged.


                      Used ftp voyager 15 and below and never had crashing issues and these wierd behaviors.  Its almost like the new version is

                      too much for windows xp, uses lots of resources and becomes sluggish.

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                        Hi Peter.


                        This is not a new issure and Thomas said there would be fixes in the next year.  Hasn't happened.  The program seems to overwhelm xp,

                        This could be due to too many svhost requests tying up the cpu.  I just don't know. I feel that microsoft has been gumming up the works with patches last year that seemed to destroy xp.  The the slow lagging and weird behavior has exhibited itself on more than one xp system.

                        My version 15 is perfect, still.


                        At anyrate, this is easily checked by normally operating the new program on an xp machine.  Should be hard to verify.  I think xp is

                        still used by many is business and it would be worth the effort of fix the bugs.  I guess the question is if solar winds wants to.