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    making customer views


      Hi there-


      We are a service provider, delivering internet and private wan connectity (mpls/vpls).


      I am attempting to give customers a good view of their CPE.  I want them to see loss/latency/jitter to the node, as well as traffic statistics for the interfaces. 


      So, I made a view, called Customer Summary View, which is very simple, containing just "Top 10 Nodes By Average Response Time, "Availability of Each Node," and "Top 10 Nodes by Percent Packet Loss".  then I make an account for the customer and set it all up to they can only get to this view.  This all works great and give the customer a very simple of functional "dashboard" of any nodes that are pertinent to their service.


      Here is where I need some help.  When you click on any of the node names in the above resources, it brings you, by default, to the Node Details.  Now, I have made a custom Node Details that shows just the information I want to show to a customer, however, I can't figure out how to link to it.  I am able to use a "Device Type View" but that changes the view not just for the customer, but for our staff as well.


      Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.



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          Andy McBride

          I think this is what you are looking for.


          In Settings go to Manage Accounts, select the customer account, click edit and assign the view as seen in this screenshot. The view name I used is just a test one, it does not come w/ NPM.




          customer node view.png

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              See my other reply.  I am dumb.


              Not quite..


              I have created two custom views.  One SummaryView and one NodeDetails view.


              The custom SummaryView shows a pretty simple set of resources intended to provide a very simple "dashboard" for the customer.  It also provides links to the nodes to the customer to "drill down" if they want.


              The custom NodeDetail view shows info about the node we want the customer to be able to see.


              I currently set both the Default Summary View and Home Page View for the account to my custom SummaryView.  This does what I want.


              If I set the Home Page View to my custom NodeDetail view, it will indeed show the custom NodeDetail view for the node I choose when they log in.  But then if they hit the "Home" link they go to the custom SummaryView, and the links in that view go to the system default NodeDetail view.


              What I like is for the links in my SummaryView to link to my custom NodeDetail, which appears to be available by tacking a viewid on to the URL: NodeDetails.aspx?netobject=N:1020&viewid=53


              Maybe I'm just going about this entirely wrong?