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    SolarWinds to Service-Now Integration


      SolarWinds & Service-Now


      We’re trying to do the following (option 1 is our preferred while option 2 is a fallback):


      A) SolarWinds generates alert

      B) SolarWinds uses a “webservice/api/sdk/other tool” to “communicate with/connect to” with the appropriate information so ServiceNow can open a ticket with the appropriate categorization, priority, whether it is internally or externally managed (ticket assignment changes depending), etc.

      C) ServiceNow will communicate to the “response team” that there is a new ticket that must be addressed

      D) ServiceNow will “communicate with/connect to” SolarWinds to acknowledge the alert and to record the ServiceNow ticket in to the acknowledgement notes

      E) SolarWinds will register alert and set alert to acknowledged status and will include the ServiceNow ticket number




      A) SolarWinds generates alert

      B) SolarWinds sends email notification to ServiceNow – email will need to be in appropriate form to be “absorbed”

      C) ServiceNow “absorbs” email and generates a ticket with the appropriate categorization, priority, whether it is internally or externally managed (ticket assignment changes depending), etc.

      D) ServiceNow “responds” to email with acknowledgement and ticket number

      E) SolarWinds registers the response and sets the alert to acknowledged status and will include the ServiceNow ticket number



      At this time, we’re looking for foundational materials to help us get started and determine the easiest/best way to perform one of these options and we’re hoping SolarWinds support can give us some pointers on where to researching documentation and what documentation may exist. Our hope is this is a relatively straight forward activity since it seems like it would be fairly standard that companies would want their monitoring and ticketing systems to interact. We have been rather ineffectually researching SolarWinds documentation and Thwack for roughly a week and have been unable to find the “start here” materials. We understand that the referenced SDK is not supported and we will have to use Thwack as support, however, at this point, we don’t have enough information to understand whether the SDK is our best/only option. We see in the release notes that there is the VBClient, etc. however it is unclear if this is the proscribed technique or just *A* technique.


      Thanks in advance for your feedback and guidance!

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          We are working on the same sort of integration.

          Service now has provided a perl script to open a "ticket" and I will be putting a distribution of Active State Perl on our Orion server to utilize this.


          The Service Now API  (via a perl module provided by Service Now) will also allow for other actions.


          We are pursuing both avenues with our prime focus on the perl/api route so that we don't depend on email as a point of failure since it is not a guaranteed medium and timeliness in notification can be an issue.


          Right now I am in the middle of a change freeze for the holidays some my progress is delayed.  I may test using a pc in the mean time.

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              I would love to hear more about your work. We are trying to do the same thing the kkhalil is attempting and would love to know more about your attempt.

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                  Good evening!


                  My name is Chris Nanda, with Blue Horizon Systems.  We have actually accomplished an Orion NPM integration in the past using a custom executable which would fire from an alert in NPM.


                  We too were originally informed the Perl script would work, but looking farther since NPM is a Windows based monitoring tool, getting Perl up and running VS an executable that would send the data to ServiceNow was a much simpler and more stable integration.


                  We are currently working on a more robust integration, and are always looking for input on how customers of the products we build integrations for (such as SW Orion NPM) are using the products, and where we can expand our knowledge and view to better encompass your usage.


                  We are also the company that ServiceNow reached out too to build the new SCOM connector for SCOM 2012.  We have a number of years of experience in ServiceNow development, especially around integrating with other systems.  If any of you are interested, we would love to hear what your use cases are for our integration that is in development and if your interested in the solution we already have built, we can definitely discuss that as well.


                  Our website is www.bluehorizonsystems.com, and we work very closely with ServiceNow's development team to build turn key integrations.


                  Thanks and I hope everyone had a good holiday!

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                  I'm working on something too...damn service now!


                  Like cnanda says, it's not to hard with a windows app / service.  The problem I am facing is with my service now dev team.  They don't want to enable the WSDL piece of svcnow because "JSON is MUCH better"

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                      Actually our pro edition uses only json to transfer data as it has a lower overhead. The new json services in ServiceNow Dublin are optimized and fix a lot of the issues that occur today.


                      But yes. Not difficult to do. You actually run more into an issue with NPM because alerts show up then are removed. So you have to have a solution that can continuously poll. Then provide a solution to send updates back to Acknowledge alerts as well.




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                    Not sure if you're still looking for ways to integrating Solarwinds with Servicenow. We have developed a solution and it can be used for free. It will be very simple to integrate Solarwinds alert to ServiceNow using our solution. You can read more about and download it at:


                    SolarWinds ServiceNow Integration | ServiceNow


                    Feel free to contact me for any questions: mjarjour@evanios.com

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                      I just finished creating a Perl scripts that create incidents in service now from solarwinds it's a two part script written in Perl.


                      1) Custom Functions (Perl Module) to create and close incidents and assign them to the CMDB assigned team etc.

                      2) Solarwinds BD connector that extracts the server information and some custom fields from and send then to the Server Now script.


                      Just need to add the call to the perl script in in that alarms you want a ticket logged.


                      It also can auto close the tick if the server self heals.


                      The service now Perl Module is portable so can be used with any other script or monitoring system to create tickets.


                      If you would like any info let me know


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                        You can integrate SolarWinds with ServiceNow by leveraging the Evanios Packaged Integration, which is free. This application not only allows for integration but also provides event management with our Evanios Operations application. Here are the documentation links:


                        Solarwinds Integration - Evanios Blog

                        SolarWinds Packaged Integration - Evanios Solution Documentation

                        Please feel free to contact me with any questions about our products.

                        Dave Karthauser - dkarthauser@evanios.com


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                          Manilyn Ramos

                          You can use Evanios for the integration!

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                            Not sure if this has been answered or not, but you can integrate SolarWinds (or any tool that generates an email notification) with ServiceNow using its inbound email actions API, which is written in JavaScript. There's tons of documentation on the ServiceNow website detailing how to get started. Hope this helps!

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                              the latest Solarwinds Orion NPM Beta includes service now integration -- I have been crunched for time otherwise i would have tried this out.


                              Our Service Management Tools teak created a web service in our service now instance -- Solarwinds invoke this using a http post from the alert to create a ticket... it works.


                              inbound email api actions means you need a working email infrastructure... working http post means that I need fewer bits working here on a campus for it to make it to the serviceNow servive

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                                We're currently doing this using System Center Orchestrator as an intermediary (because we already owned it).  I have previously done it with a some custom developed node.js middleware.


                                The tricky parts are when you want to get more complicated with 'when' you create an alert.  You have to take things into consideration, such as:


                                • I've already previously created an alert for that CI, do I want to create "another" alert for that CI, or escalate/update the current ticket
                                • Should I first check all active change requests to see if that CI is in the middle of a change before I create an alert that it's down?
                                • Do I want to have different assignment groups for different escalation levels/event counts?


                                Those are important things to think about to keep people from hating you and all your pesky tickets. 

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                                  SCORCH with the Kelverion ServiceNow and SQL Server IPs are the way to go.  It's easy to do the work and you can focus more time on developing the interaction processes instead of trying to figure out how to code them.

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