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    Problem to connect to HP Procurve 2530 switch with Cattools


      Hi my friends,


      I am running Cattools version 3.6.0, now I am trying to backup the running configuration a HP Procurve 2530 switch. I have tried to enter some combinations of values under the "Passwords" and "Prompts" tab, but always prompted error messages. Can someone show me what value should I set under "Passwords" and "Prompts" tabs?  Below I will show you how I telnet to this switch via command prompt. Thanks in advance!





      From command prompt, I key in  telnet 10.x.x.x, then press enter, then I see below page


      I key in manager, and press enter, then I am prompted to enter password.



      I enter password, and then press enter, I successfully enter privilege mode