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    Custom Poller Alerting on Wrong Custom Poller?


      Hello all,


      I'm experiencing a weird problem when trying to alert off a custom poller.


      My poller is configured to check the HA state of my Checkpoint Firewalls.  It seems to be working as configured in that I get sensible information back when I test....active, standby, ready, Active Attention etc...


      So my next step was to create an alert that would trigger when the poller name was "haState" and the value was anything other than "active" or "standby" The alert generates an email.


      I noticed when the email arrived I was getting a numeric value when I should have been getting a text string. As part of the troubleshooting I placed variables in the mail for OID and MIB and ran the alert test again.


      The OID and MIB value that were coming back in the mail were not correct for "haState" but rather "fwNummConn".  This seems to explain why I was getting a nemerical value also.


      Has anyone come across this before?