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    does alert central work with sql jobs?


      I have some SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012 jobs that require alert escalation and confirmation.  Has anyone setup Alert Central for use with SQL Server?

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          Sorry, but right now it's impossible to use AC under some other database.

          It's theoretically can be done, but right now there is no possibility to configure this behavior.


          The only solution that I see is to configure some job that will make REST calls to application (although, I agree, we never document that we have API, but it can be used).

          For query (select) it will use something very similar to SQL:

          POST request to http://host:port/InformationService/Query

          with json parameters



          "query":"SELECT Id, Severity, State, Object, Message, LastNote, TimeRaised, Alert.User.Id, Alert.User.FullName, UserId, UserFullName, UserDeleted, Alert.AlertSource.Name, Alert.AlertSource.Url AS AlertSourceUrl, Alert.AlertSource.Id, AlertSourceId, AlertSourceName, AlertSourceDeleted, AlertSourceDefaultHidden, Alert.[Group].name, GroupId, GroupName, GroupDeleted, GroupDefaultHidden FROM AlertManager.Alert WHERE Id=41"





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              Thank you, Stepan.


              I'm not quite ready to give up on this yet :-)


              Let me ask about whether it might work in either of these 2 scenarios:


              1) If, upon failure, the SQL job sends an email to a particular email address that is being "watched" by Alert Central, can that kick off an alert and escalation process?


              2) Can AlertCentral monitor the MSDB database via a SQL query for failed job history?  I don't have a query at this point, but there are many on the internet that will allow to query for a particular job status, and if it sees a failure I'd like Alert Central to be able to start the escalation process.


              It seems that if Alert Central can watch for an email or perform a query that I might be able to get this to work.


              Thanks again for your insight and time.