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    Need assistance for having Architecture Structure

    Dipak Rai



      I am working one one project where I have to deploy below Modules. So Have to prepare the architecture. Will some one help me in that.


      Network Performance Monitor SLX

      Polling Engine (6)

      Network Configuration Manager DLX

      IP Address Manager IPX

      VoIP and Network Quality Manager X

      Engineers Edition Toolsets (7, 30, 9) (46 total)

      Network Topology Mapper

      Fail Over Engine P2


      I am thinking to deploy all Solarwinds Module on Single Server and each polling engines on each different server. FOE will be replica of Primary Server.


      Kindly give suggestion on that.  Thanking in advance.

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          Can you provide us with an element count?  It might be beneficial to stack the additional polling engines to reduce hardware and maintenance overhead.

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              Dipak Rai

                                              Interfaces            Count Ports/ device          Total ports  

              DC Switch                 1000                               50                            50000 

              Other Switches            5000                              10                           50000 

              Routers                     2000                                5                             10000 

              Total                          8000                                                              110000