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    Need Report of Threshold Set for Volumes alerts


      hi, i have Disk threshold Alerts configured for various machines.

      Like i have alert configured with name 2GB and lots of machines added in that alert, and when space occupied become less than 2 GB is generate alerts.

      Same way i have 10GB Volume / disk space alerts. and so on.

      i need a report of all Hard disk Space threshold configured with Each devices with drive letter on which Alert is set and what threshold is set on it, like 2GB threshold is set or 4 GB or 8 GB.

      can i pull such report? i am using Orion Network monitor sls 9

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          We had a similar situation but where we had a number of different thresholds for different servers and different drives.

          We used a generic alert for all drives and set up a custom property for each drive that contained a percentage of utilization that corresponded to a threshold.

          This way we have one table to query for the thresholds and you can easily join to add the hostname to the report.


          We have a standard default set of values all drives get and using this method allows for adjusting based on server and application needs.


          Benefit is one alert works for all which makes it scalable and yet it is greatly adjustable all at the same time.