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    Alert Central Not Working After Inatalling New Version


      I just deployed a new Alert Central appliance on version and am having the following problems...


      Attempts to login to the Admin WebUI for managing the appliance are not working, the default admin/admin credentials fail to login.


      I have an email source setup; however, when I send an email to the system it never shows up in the dashboard as an alert.  I can see that it's grabbing the email from the mailbox, I just never see the alert.


      Attempts to import users from Active Directory are also not working.  It seems to accept my credentials for accessing AD; however, when I search for users or groups, it can't find anything.


      I would really like some help getting this thing up and running so any feedback here would be much appreciated, thanks!


      I should note that I had a much older version of this running previously and didn't have any problems with any of these things.

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          1. Admin WebUI for managing the appliance. You must don't have problems here. Can you login directly from comandLine with credentials admin/admin? If I correctly understand than you install fresh new instance (we not talking about upgrade). Do you try application restart (not only AC instance, but all Linux environment also)? Let's leave it for now (I contact with OPS person for possible cause of the problem), but it's possible that remove and new install is the best option in this case.

          2. Alert never shows up in the dashboard. We have one serious regression issue in some customers (due to specific mail server configuration) and right now working on deploying HotFix (more details you can find in this post Email Not Processing). But to troubleshoot I need TRACE level logs, and you must login into appliance (so lets solve first this step)

          3. Active Directory. Need logs in this case too. (All must be alright in this case, because as far as I know there was no changes in this module).