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    Virtualization Manager Performance


      I've never been satisfied with the performance of this appliance for Hyper-V. It's running on a Windows 2008 R2 cluster.  At one point it had gone through so many release candidate changes i decided to drop all data and start fresh when version 6.0.1 was released.  Sadly, this hasn't been a help  So i started doing some digging into the virtual machines supplied configuration i'm left with concerns.


      With version 6.0.1 being recently released, why would the Linux Integration Services be almost 3 years out of date - Version 3.1 is deployed.


      Also, i just noticed in the VMAN package (that i just downloaded again to review ) is including 2012 R2.  Version 3.1 doesn't support 2012, little lone 2012 R2.


      Performance is so bad during performance polling, i've turn my polling cycles from 10 minutes to 60 staggered minutes.


      So really what i want to know, anyone else experiencing poor porformance with their installation of VMAN running on Hyper-V?


      Also, would i be breaking my support agreement if i went ahead and deployed 3.4 of the intergration services?





      -- Update, made a commanding decision to just update to Intergration Services v3.4 - What a difference.......Solarwinds Devs, you really should include updated Linux Intergration Services with next release. 

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          Thanks for letting us know, I've noted your findings to the list of suggestions for future releases.



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            We are running VMAN on a vSphere 5.5 cluster.  The appliance has 4 vCPU and 8GB of memory, but when it's collecting data (performance or configuration) it really slows down to the point where you can't really use the app/site.  We are connected to 4 vCenters, but we have other tooling that is doing the same and it really never chokes.


            I'm curious if we are in the same boat, but instead of LIS it would be the VMWare tools which provide the same functionality in the VMware world.


            I may give this a try on a test server we have up, see if the results are much better.  Otherwise, I may have to cut a ticket, this really makes the interface unusable considering our polling for performance is fairly often and because of customer requirements, we must keep that level up.  Can't afford to drop them to 60 minutes.


            If anyone has any advice, I'm open to suggestions.