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    Link utilization and traffic anaysis?




      The old Report writer was nice, but had it's known limitation. And the new Web version is also nice, but has it's limitations. My problem is, I'd like to combine the functionality of the 2 writers to develop a really cool report. But I'm thinking this is not possible. Based on this request, which doesn't seem to be feasible:


      Web-reporting in 10.6 - Unexpected Website Error


      I'd also like to add NTA data, like QoS per-queue stats (with drill down ability) and top conversations.


      My end goal...

      My manager has a requirement to pull WAN and Internet link utilization stats (KPIs) for capacity planning analysis, and place them in a spreadsheet by month. This shows trends and provides them with data to adjust bandwidth accordingly. What I'd like to do is enhance his reporting to provide a better picture. Showing a WAN link at 60% for the month is good, but showing it as 60% because of non-business traffic is better offers us more options. And having that in 1 report, give me immediate cause analysis. Why upgrade bandwidth, when I really need to tweak my QoS policy or adjust the proxy settings?


      So, does anyone have a single report that can provide all this in one spot? Or, can it be done with a dashboard? What options do I have to build this "webpage full of data?"