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    Log forwarder gent stops working on a fraction of systems




      we have around 150 users one of our closed network. each has an identical PC ( HP Z800 48GB ram) running the same OS ( Win 7 ultimate)

      around 5% of or machine  have an  issue wi the log forwarder agent


      the log forwarder agents works for some time and then stops.

      • restarting  the agent does not help
      • rebooting  the machine does not help


      the only work around is to

      • remove the agent,
      • reboot,
      • install the agent
      • reboot and we are back in business


      needless to say, this is more than inconvenient

      has anyone else seen this

      is there a fix?


      we our on agent version 1.1.19

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          Log and Event Manager Agents are either version 5.3.1 build (1) for versions after 5.3 of the Manager, or version 5.7.0 for Manager version 5.7.  If you're running Log and Event Manager, perhaps you should upgrade the agents?


          Otherwise, it sounds like you're asking about the Log Forwarder that is packaged with Kiwi.  You might want to try asking this question on the forum for Kiwi: Kiwi Syslog

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