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    A couple of ?? about NPM Groups




      How can I found out what nodes aren't members of a Group in NPM?


      How often do Dynamic Queries run? If a new node is added to NPM when will it appear in the Group? If I add a node during the day I can add manually to the group but if I add many nodes during the day I would like to manually run the queries to add them to their groups.



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          One at a time there buckaroo

          Dynamic Queries into group membership seem to update at least as often as the polling cycle - all my groups are query based and no issue yet.


          As for report on who is lonely - paste this into a Custom SQL report then add using the Report from Report Writer resource to your page of choice


          select region,sitecode,nodeid,Caption,contact

          from nodes


            not Caption in (

             SELECT distinct [FullName]

             FROM [ContainerMemberSnapshots]

             where [EntityDisplayName] = 'Node'


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