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    Can you create Parent/Child tickets with processes and tasks?


      Noob question: What I am attempting to do is create a new employee setup request. Since we have about 5 or 6 disparate systems to build login creds for I am wanting to create a new ticket/request for a user setup for each of these systems based on custom field input


      So here's what I did:

      1. Created the 6 single selection Yes/No custom fields and assigned them to the proper "New Employee Setup" request type (is working as expected)
      2. Created 6 individual "Request Types" for user creation of each different system (no problem here)
      3. Created 6 individual "Task" for each "Request Type" above (seems to work)
      4. Created a "Process" to evaluate each of the custom Yes/No fields on ticket creation and run the related "Ticket Task" for each custom fields


      This is where the issue starts, the system properly creates all of the required tickets as parent ticket however it doesn't do two things:


      1. Does not input "Client" information in each additional ticket/request
      2. Does not associate the additional tickets as children to the primary request that the client opened.


      End the end, what I would like to see it do is:

      1. When WHD runs all of the task, it should fill in the Client information to each additional ticket that is opened based on the custom field input
      2. All tickets generated due to the custom field input should be child tickets to the initial request (the one with all of the custom fields assigned to it)


      Is this possible?