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    Virtulization Alert Query




      We have a couple of different departments that would be independently interested in SolarWinds alerts coming from certain machines.  I would like the ability to send alerts to different email addresses depending on the machine that is triggering the alert.  For example, I am trying to modify the "out of the box" alert called "Guest storage space initialization".  The alert is exactly what I want, however, I want to find a way to modify it to trigger the alert only on a specific machine, or machines.  This way I can send the alert to the people who would be interested in that machine (or machines).


      I am thinking that I would need to somehow alter the existing string to look at a certain machine(s):


      string-join(for $fullVolume in /virtualMachine/diskVolume[freeSpacePercentage<=5] return concat($fullVolume/mountPoint, ' (' , $fullVolume/freeSpacePercentage, '%)'), ', ')


      Any ideas on how I can alter this string to look at a certain server (or servers)?  Or is there a different way to accomplish this?




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