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    Scan device with RPC


      I just installed a new instance of ipMonitor on a new server. A previous network admin setup our old instance that is still running. For some reason when our old instance scans for a new device IP#, it finds any new server without stored credentials and seems to be using RPC for Drive Space? On my new instance, when I scan without credentials, it finds nothing except Ping. I'd like the device finder to use RPC since it doesn't need credentials and seems to work better. I've searched high and low and can't find what I need in the settings. Can anyone help?

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          The Drive Space Monitor uses RPC or SNMP communication to test the amount of available drive space on a specified drive, share or mount.  The Drive Space Monitor Wizard allows you to configure Drive Space Monitors quickly and easily. However, if you prefer greater control over the process, you can Clone an existing Drive Space Monitor and make any required configuration changes manually.


          Do you know which version of ipMonitor is running on the 'old instance?'  How are you initiating the scans in each instance?


          If this information isn't helpful and you still can't get it figured out, I would recommend opening a support ticket; they should definitely be able to help you get it configured.




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              The old version is 10.0, the new version is 10.8. All I'm doing on both servers is using the Add New Device wizard. Then it goes out to see what's available to monitor. Version 10.8 finds drive space with WMI when using a domain credentials (example: C:) and I don't get alerts when the drive goes down. But with the old server, it finds drive space (example: C$) with RPC (without using any domain credentials) and the alerts work fine. I know I have the email alert stuff correct, I just can't figure out why the new version doesn't add new devices the same. My hunch is that the old ipMonitor server was installed with some user credential that can somehow see everything.