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    Alert on flatline - Custom Poller


      Hello people,


      My first post in thwack is unfortunately a question:

      Does anyone know of a way to create an alert which keeps checking the Raw status of a custom poller, and alerts when e.g. it remains the same for the last half hour (or number of polls)? We would like to create an alert when one of our custom pollers goes flat-line at any value for a given period. I am sure it is an SQL script, right? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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          You could do this as a SQL script, but I would suggest creating an advanced alert using advanced alert manager. (It's basically just a GUI to create SQL queries)


          Something like this should get you in the right direction:


          custom-poller alert.jpg

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              Thank you zackm.

              I am already aware of creating custom poller alerts, but the problem is, I am not looking for a specific value. I am looking for a condition where the poller returns the same value for more than half an hour, no matter what that value is. It is a custom script poller which takes different values constantly, so a flatline would indicate there is an other underlying issue on the target machine/script.


              I thought of using the condition group "none" and the "has changed" condition nested, while giving it a grace period of 30 minutes, which should equal to 6 polls, based on our polling settings.Capture.PNG

              Do you think that kind of logic on the alert would work?