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    Email Not Processing


      I'm new to Alert Central, I'll start with that.  I got it up and running, but now I can't get it to process any emails.  It was working with an older version, 1.1.0, but it stopped working altogether.  I upgraded to 1.1.1, no change.  I did a fresh install of 1.1.1, still no change.


      I have:

      -Restarted the services

      -Ran the Getting Started, everything confirmed

      -Responded to Verification email for user's email, did not verify

      -Switched to a new email account, freshly created

      -Watched mail go in and out of new mailbox. Verified mail came in, watched it get "read", and watched it disappear


      The system is not posting any alerts whatsoever, not even the "This didn't match anything" alerts.


      I have attached the logs, what am I doing wrong?