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    Need help with audit of monitored devices


      I am reaching out to the Thwack community for help. I need to audit our servers to see if they are properly being monitored and by this I mean what is checked (against what isn't checked). For example, under the Nodes/Default.aspx page it lists all of the nodes. When I click on the '+' key it expands and shows what Orion says it is being collected (with the exception of Topology or Hardware Health). I want to see if anyone has an idea on how I can develop a report (outside of Orion) on this. Node, Node status, Health (if checked or an option), Topology (if checked or an option), Physical, Virtual, All volumes, Volume statuses I know I can do this one server at a time but I figured the data MUST be in the database somewhere. Also, I see from time to time a volume will be 'orphaned'. By that I mean it shows up in the list but when you do a List Resources you see that the volume has a different serial number (label). Can this be identified? Thoughts, ideas? NPM 10.3.1