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    Is the "Default Calendar" a shared calendar?


      According to the documentation for AlertCentral at Alert Central Administrators Guide\Adding Groups and Users\Creating and Editing Groups\Manually Creating Groups is the line:

      6. Apply the default calendar to or create a new calendar for the new group. Alert Central automatically includes the default calendar in the calendars assigned to the new group.

      This seems to imply that this calendar is shared.  However, I created two groups (test1 and test2) and included the same user in both groups (user1) without changing the calendar for the group (Default Calendar).  When I add user1 to the Default Calendar as the on-call, I am required to choose a group (I chose test1).  After adding user1 as the on-call for test1, they do not appear on the calendar when I select only the test2 calendar for display.  If I add an on-call record for user1 from the test2 group, I now see two on-call records for the same user.  If the calendar were shared, it seems that there should only be one record.  The behavior that I am seeing suggests that there is a specific link in the calendar to the group that was specified when the record was created.

      This is important to us because we want to use the two groups to define two different escalation policies (specifically time before escalation occurs) based on severity of an alert.  However, if the calendar is not shared, or if there is a link to the group in the calendar record, then we need to duplicate the calendar for test1 into the calendar for test2 in order to allow user1 to be the on-call for our test2 escalation path.