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    Mass On-call Update and Inter-Group Escalation


      Is there an easy way to update to update a large number of on-call entries?  I'm thinking .csv upload or something along those lines.  Or even a template/field that says "Set standard on-call hours" where I could tell it the start and end times.  Then, I would just need to plug in names to fill the "standard on-call times"


      I have the next 6 months of on-call planned.  Each week, I have 3 calenders to update for each week based on our escalation process (separate rotations for Ops, Senior Eng and Managers.)  Each person is on-call from Monday at 12:00am to Sunday at 11:59pm.  That is a lot of clicking.


      Also, as mentioned, our escalation process is for the on-call Ops tech to be immediately assigned an alert.  After 15 minutes of no acknowledgement, we notify a senior engineer and after another 15 minutes a manager is notified.  From what I can tell, the "Notify group member from select calender" escalation option does not allow escalation to another group's calendar. Therefore, I am forced to have all three groups (Ops, Senior Eng, and Managers) within the same overall group (Network) in Alert Center.  I can break out calenders for each and this works, but I'd prefer to not have all members grouped within Network to prevent "clutter" and allow for individual colored calendars for each team.  Am I missing something?


      Thanks for a great product.  I'm excited to get this into production.