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    Scheduled report misfire in 5.7 ?


      I just upgraded our LEM in Test to 5.7. I sent the Failed Logon event to nDepth, saved it, then created a schedule to e-mail me a report daily 1 second after midnight. About 2 minutes later, it e-mailed me a report... am I missing something about how the schedule time works?

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          I tried to replicate this, but I wasn't able to.  I just setup an "All Events for the Last Day" report (my lab doesn't generate a ton of traffic) and asked it to run in 10 minutes...and nothing happened for ten minutes.


          If you create a new search, does this happen a second time?  I notice the default schedule for daily is to run NOW, so is it possible you saved the search, then edited the schedule after the run NOW condition was met?

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            nicole pauls

            My guess: if the system believes you're scheduling a search that runs on some regular timeframe (like, daily) and you schedule it for a time that's past on that day, it's going to run it NOW for today (since it believes it missed your schedule), then on your schedule.