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      Hello, I will try to be brief. When uploading files using Voyager, each file from within the folder being uploaded are shown as folders, instead of files, regardless of the file extension. The files (after being displayed as folders) are also placed outside the original folder during upload. It causes a large scroll in the remote window. Afterwards if I refresh or close the program and return they are in the correct folder. So all folders and files end up correct in the end.


      I have reinstalled the program and tried different settings without luck. Maybe synchronization of the computer side folders will help but not sure.

      Thanks for any pointers.

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          Peter Krutý

          Is it possible you share with us the log where we can see what exactly happened? Also what is the version of FV and OS you are using?

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              Sorry that I am so long getting but but I had two relatives hospitalized. Another added problem is that the file is not changed when I upload to rewrite. I wish I could just uninstall and reinstall a new copy but I do not know how to save my site details unless you save a data folder.


              I have gotten the very last log for an attempted upload today. I have two computers with Voyager on each one in my household. It works very well on my Windows 7 machine but not so well on my XP machine. I feel that it may be a corrupt file or possibly a setting. I say corrupt file because this computer was hit by lightning and I have had many problems since then, hence the desire to do a fresh install.


              In this log you will notice a 550 can't check for file existence. Does it need to be binary? I think it is set on auto?


              COMMAND>    MLST /public_html/about-me.html


                   type=file;size=13987;modify=20131217070211;UNIX.mode=0644;UNIX.uid=33136;UNIX.gid=33138;unique=801g202130c; /public_html/about-me.html

                  250 End.

              COMMAND>    MLST /public_html/about-me (2).html

                  550 Can't check for file existence

              STATUS>    Sending: G:\e-drive\current-backups\Woodnthings-new\about-me.html -> /public_html/about-me.html

              COMMAND>    TYPE A

                  200 TYPE is now ASCII

              COMMAND>    PASV

                  227 Entering Passive Mode (192,232,216,121,207,72)

              STATUS>    Opening passive mode data connection to, port 53064.

              COMMAND>    STOR about-me.html

                  150 Accepted data connection

                  226-File successfully transferred

                  226 0.954 seconds (measured here), 13.60 Kbytes per second

              STATUS>    Transferred 13,294 bytes. 13.84 KB/sec.

              COMMAND>    MFMT 20131215130220 /public_html/about-me.html

                  213 UTIME OK

              STATUS>    Sent 13,294 bytes.

              STATUS>    Transfer time: 00:00:00.938.

              COMMAND>    QUIT

                  221-Goodbye. You uploaded 13 and downloaded 0 kbytes.

                  221 Logout.

              COMMAND>    NOOP

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              FTPVoyager version

              OS is XP Home Edition Service Pack 3

              Intel Core 2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80 Ghz 1.79 GHz 2.00 GB of Ram

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                Just to add to the confusion, it's not doing the problem that I mentioned in the second post. One of the hostgator servers went down during some uploads but the original problem is still there.