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    Dynamically Update Node Names on Maps?


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      Is there any possible way to dynamically update the node names within maps created with Atlas when the name changes in NPM? We're looking into standardizing and creating a better naming schema for our network and I'm trying to see how much of this can either be dynamic or at least automated. With posts I've found on here I made a SQL query to update the caption names with the system name that SNMP pulls and remove the domain name off of the end, so that'll save a lot of time on it's own. Now I just need to push those new caption names to the previously created maps in Atlas for this to be almost seamless.


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          Yes. If you use the SQL variable ${Caption} into the label in place of the automatic label, the map label will then reflect whatever is shown on the Node-- Edit Properties page. Then,  if you change the node name there,  the map label will change too.

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              When I tried applying the SQL variable in Atlas it literally showed "${Caption}" as the label. It didn't take the value of ${Caption} from the device it's associated with. Unless you're talking about applying this from a different place. I just right-clicked the current label and edited it to show "${Caption}", nothing more.

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                  ensure you right click on object and select label.  That should actually populate a label with the system name.

                  (another way to verify is to grab and move the label -> it will show a line to the object it is tied to - if any)

                  This will ensure the label is tied to the proper object so the correct macro/column name gets translated.  then change it to ${caption} or whatever column name you need for that given type of object.

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