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    NPM: Audit Trail - missing



      We noticed a few days ago that our Audit Events stopped auditing events made by users, the only record that is audited is the user logging in/logging out, but not the user making changes in the system, we've checked all the checkboxes to be sure but still no positive results.

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          Did someone changes on the system?

          Could you please try for example Add node or change something on the node (change custom properties) and look to message center to audit events.


          If not trigger please create support ticket.



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              We've created a ticket already. But I was just trying my luck that someone has an easier solution.


              The one given me by the support team is something that will tinker our database, which I'm not that comfortable with tweaking. Since we are now in production.

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              I logged a ticket (762765) and was given the following to try. Audit events from the last two days re-appeared. If it happens again, I'll check more closely if it is the Message Queueing Service.


              Step #1
              - Stop all Orion Services and restart Message Queuing Service from Windows Service Console .

              Step #2
              - From Control Panel > Programs and Feature >
              Select "SolarWinds Orion Core Services" and Repair
              ( Close the Configuration Wizard )
              - Now Repair " Solarwinds Orion Network Performance Monitor "
              (Close the Configuration Wizard )

              Step #3
              Now open CMD
              Navigate to installed directory
              C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\ConfigurationWizard.exe /repairpackage
              Press Enter "Configuration Wizard " will appear . 
              Select all 3 Options (Database / Website / Services )

              Complete the Configuration Wizard using default options (Yes / Next )
              Once Done leave the server running for 10 ~ 15  min and  try to reproduce the issue again .

              Add some node in the system and check if the Audit Events  started Updating.

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                I was wondering if there was any update on this. I'm having the same issue with audits not showing up in our environment.